Virtual tour FAQ's

Answers to the common questions
What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a simulated first-person view of an actual location allowing the viewer to move through the location by viewing a series of 360 degree panoramic images. Each 360 degree panoramic image is a composition of a number of still photographs stitched together to form an uninterrupted view of a given location.

Other names used for a virtual tour...

HTML5 virtual tour, Virtual panorama, Panoramic tour, Panorama, IPIX™, VR, Virtual reality tour, 360 VR, 360 degree tour, multi-location tour, real estate VR, online virtual tour, 360 tour, one shot tour, immersive imaging, 360 immersive image, 3d tour, java virtual tour, java 360 tour, quicktime tour.

Can I view your tours on my iPad or iPhone?

All of our new tours are compatible with the iPad/iPhone, Android Smartphones/Tablets, some Smart TV’s, and other connected devices.

What is an HTML 5 virtual tour?

HTML5 virtual toursYou may have seen the HTML 5 logo when people talk about virtual tours? HTML5 is the newest hyper text markup language – the code that makes up websites. Smartphones and tablets mostly use HTML5 to display virtual tour images, so when you see “HTML5 virtual tours” it basically means some level of ability to view a virtual tour on a phone or tablet. All our new virtual tours will work on an HTML5 compatible browser.

How much does a virtual tour cost?

Our high quality tours are competitively priced and we are happy to provide quotations on request. It just may cost less than you think! Tell us about your project and we will be happy to help.

What is meant by a full screen virtual tour?

Often when you view a virtual tour its initial presentation will be reduced in size – usually to fit into an existing webpage or small sized browser window. However our virtual tours for example offer the viewer to view the tour in full screen. This expands the tour to occupy your entire monitor screen area offering a truly immersive viewing experience – the best and only way to view a virtual tour. A full screen tour is exactly that – your full screen whether you have a 15″ monitor or a 30″ monitor.

What sort of features can be included in a virtual tour?

There are a number of different options you may want to consider, so take a look at our virtual tour services page to find out more. Examples include menus, navigation aids to help you move around the tour, maps, audio, video clips, still photographs.

How long does it take to take the photographs for a virtual tour?

Typically it would up to 15 minutes or so to shoot each virtual tour viewpoint. We don’t take short cuts nor compromise on quality so we keep shooting until we are completely satisfied we have the best shot possible. Some shots will take longer depending on the lighting conditions on the day.

What is a 'virtual tour interface' ?

This is the set of menus, buttons, links and clickable elements such as maps or floor plans that allow the viewer to move around a virtual tour from room to room, or location to location.

I heard people talk about 'hotspots', what are they?

A clickable button or other on screen icon/text that allows the viewer to move from one viewpoint to another. For example a hotspot located over a doorway may move you to the next room when clicked.

I have plenty of photos on my website so I am not sure that I need a virtual tour. Why do I need one?

Here are some excellent reasons you need a tour:

Website visitors now expect to see them, particularly on mobile devices.
Static photographs – no matter how good they are , do not convey the feeling of actually being there. Looking around, interacting and engaging with your potential customers is so important these days. You do not get this from either photographs or video.
You have invested time and money in your business, you are passionate about it. Virtual tours are the best way to promote your business, your venue, your property online – without a doubt.

There are so many virtual tour companies, why should we choose you?

Experience and professionalism. We have a long track record of producing virtual tours that deliver real results. Our portfolio shows just some of the tours we have produced since 2005, so if a companies portfolio seems a bit “sparse” there is probably a good reason. Get behind the shiny new website and find out what you should be looking for.

I have a question that is not listed here.....

Get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to help out with that missing question and add it here.

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