How do I make a virtual tour?



What is iViewVR?

The simplest way to create and edit your own virtual tours

Three easy steps to getting your own virtual tours online

One - Shoot

Camera & Smartphone
With just an easy to use 360 degree virtual tour camera and smartphone shoot any size of property, venue or location with ease.

Two - Upload

Login to iViewVR
Sign in to your account and upload your virtual tour images straight from your phone, tablet or computer.

Three - Publish

Publish | Edit
Just click Publish and your tour will be online in minutes. Go ahead and edit your tour to add as many tour features as you need.

The iViewVR App

Publish unlimited virtual tours with the iViewVR app

all for one low cost monthly subscription

Virtual Tour Manager

This is where you create your virtual tour projects, upload your virtual tour images, logos, slideshow pictures, floor plans and custom hotspot icons. You will also publish your tours, start the virtual tour editor and take tours offline that you no longer want to show.

Virtual Tour Editor

Once published you will use the virtual tour editor to add features such as information hotspots, Google Street View, tour enquiry form, floor plans, picture gallery and more. See below for a full list of features available. The tour editor is very easy to use and you will have a feature loaded great looking tour in minutes.

Features included in iViewVR

Whether we shoot your tours for you or you shoot your own tours, every tour published on iViewVR has all of the features below.

Take A Photo

You can take unlimited still photographs straight from the tour to share in which ever way you want.

Photo Slideshow Gallery

Show your gallery of images right inside your tour – no need to jump back to Rightmove or your own website to view property photos.

Information Hotspots

Something of interest to point out? Use an information hotspot to show text information, images or videos.

Information Panels

Helpful view titles and descriptions to relay the key selling points to your potential buyers.

Google Street View

Jump to Google Street View without leaving your tour. With the click of a button start the Google Street View player.

Floorplan Viewer

View floorplans from your virtual tour – 2D or 3D plans to show? There are no limits to how many you can upload and present.

Custom Branding

Present your own branch logo in all your tours as well as the option to have custom information hotspot icons to match your branding.

Hosting without limits

No charges are made for hosting property virtual tours. Host all your tours for free on iViewVR.

Enquiry Contact Form

Grab your customer enquiry – straight from your virtual tour to your inbox with the built in contact form.

Request Online Guided Tour

Invite potential buyers to share your screen as you virtually walk around a property together – they see what you see while you chat!

Easy Navigation

Easy to use thumbnail picture navigation and navigation icons to guide you around a property ensuring your online viewings are easy to use.